Best Coffee Makers for Home Use

71eFSSXZXdL._SL1269_A lot of people would wake up and go straight to their cup of coffee to start their mornings. Others would spend the day hunting for that perfect cup to keep them awake for the rest of the day. And there’s nothing more rewarding than having our own coffee maker sitting right inside our home and ready for us to sip our bitter dose anytime we want.

But as with any other household appliances, coffee makers are not created equal as people have different needs and different situations. So we tried to hunt the market and make a roundup of what coffee maker fits who. Check out our picks below.

Best Rated Programmable Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach has been a known brand when it comes to affordable yet quality kitchen appliances, and the Hamilton Beach 46201 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker is one of their best yet. It has a nice stainless steel finish that would make a great display on the countertop. But more than a display, this coffee maker is very user-friendly. Its first noticeable convenient feature is its wheeled base that makes the water reservoir easy to get in and out. There are also options on how you’d want your coffee to be: regular or bold. The burner temperature control is yet another impressive addition. This three-setting button allows you to control the temperature of the burner that’s under the decanter. With a lower temperature, you can just leave your coffee in the pot without worrying whether it’s going to end up with a bitter burn taste. For the price, this digital coffee maker is hard to beat. As they say, quality doesn’t always come with a high price tag.

Best Grind-and-Brew Coffee Maker

A two-system coffee maker is the ideal appliance for the coffee lover who can’t find the time to grind their coffee beans or does not want to shell out money for a separate coffee grinder. One of the most trusted when it comes to that is the Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Coffee Maker. It has received raved reviews on how it consistently produces coffee of the perfect strength – either one that is strong or with a wimpy brew. This is thanks to its strength selector that allows you to choose from mild to medium or strong coffee. While there are customers who have complained about its durability, this actually boils down to proper handling of the machine. The unit needs cleaning on a regular basis to prevent the grinder from bogging down. And cleaning this machine is a breeze.

Top-Rated Drip Coffee Maker 2015

If you make coffee for a bunch of people on a regular basis, a drip coffee maker with a glass carafe is one great choice. And because this type of coffee maker is less expensive than others, it is attractive to coffee lovers who are a little tight on budget. The best of this lot is the Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker, and this claim of being the best can be attested by its certification from the Specialty Coffee Association for America (SCAA). It’s hard to achieve such distinction, especially for a coffee machine at this low price. The impressive feature of this unit is the way it “showers” the coffee  grounds and keeps them saturated to extract the best possible flavour. It does all these steps in only about 6 minutes. Additionally, even if you let your coffee sit on the carafe at a warm temperature for a while, it doesn’t get that burnt taste coffee drinkers hate. Its ease of use is quite simple and straightforward, with just an on and off switch and a plug. The water reservoir is easy to fill, and its water markings is a breeze to read.

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