Best Coffee Makers for One Person

71qKLcTfySL._SL1500_You can have that wonderful gourmet coffee shop experience even when you’re at home if you own a coffee maker. But it must not just any coffee maker. As it is always said, not all products are created equal, and that remains true with coffee machines. And if you pick one of the best few, you’ll sure to get a great cup of Joe without having to shell out some bucks.

If you are living alone and do not receive guests too often, then one of these coffee makers for one person may fit in your kitchen.

Top-Rated Single-Serve Coffee Maker

The Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System looks sleek and modern, but external appearance is not the only impressive thing about it. It also makes great coffee every single time. As long as you have the right K-cups, you are guaranteed of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. And it does the brewing in just under a minute! You would never find small grains in your cup or experience that burnt taste you would usually get from low-quality coffee makers. It is also an added bonus that this model can make tea and other hot drinks, such as hot cocoa. You don’t even need to clean it out to make tea right after you’re done with making coffee.

There’s a removable drip tray feature that comes with the unit as well that can accommodate your travel mugs in case you need coffee on the go. The package includes one water filter handle, a charcoal filter, and 12-count K-Cup variety pack.

Top-Rated Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

The modern, minimalist design of the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker 49981 is to die for! Who wouldn’t want something so stylish like this sitting on the kitchen countertop? For sure a lot of coffee lovers would love to have this coffee maker. But the external appearance is just the tip of the big thing this coffee maker has to deliver. It brews best-tasting cups of coffee, as proven by the awards it received, such as the “2012 Good Housekeeping Very Innovative Products. The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) also gave it high rankings for its ability to use ground coffee and for giving users the freedom to choose the flavor, strength, and size of their coffee.

Additionally, the Hamilton Beach 49981 can brew a regular cup of coffee in 90 seconds. A travel mug size and stronger coffee may take a longer time to brew. The strength of your coffee can be adjusted using two medthods: by the amount of water you use or the size of the coffee grind. Based on experience, it is better to use the first one. Finer grinds tend to cause the machine to overflow. Coarser, looser grind is the best for this model.

Top-Rated Personal Coffee Maker

Another great personal coffee maker is the Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker. It is one of the most affordable yet decent quality coffee makers available in the market, priced for only under $20. It also comes with a stainless steel to-go mug that can keep your coffee warm for an hour or more. The best part about this mug is that it fits most car drink holders, so you wouldn’t have to worry about spilling while you drive to your work or wherever you are going. It also features a permanent filter, so you wouldn’t need to buy paper filters anymore. All it needs is rinsing.

This model from Black and Decker has the so-called Brew ‘n Go System that allows users to brew one or two cups of coffee with either grounds or pods, whichever is most convenient for you.

Best Single-Serve Drip Coffee Maker

The Kitchen Selectives CM-688 Drip Coffee Maker is the perfect solution for those who have no big space of a countertop. It can brew coffee in a few minutes to the perfect temperature and without the need to wait for cool down just so you can take the first sip. The added 12-ounce white mug is a great bonus, especially when you don’t have one at home or the office. Even though it has the mug, the drip are is spacious for most sizes of mugs or cups. Beside coffee, it can also make tea.

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