Best Commercial Blenders for Home

BlenderFor the one who needs his daily smoothie, countertop blenders can’t handle the job well sometimes. This is where commercial blenders come in. After all, a heavy duty blending in the kitchen needs a heavy duty commercial blender.

Although powerful blenders are intended to sit in restaurant kitchens or cocktail bars, more and more smoothie lovers are opting to get them for their own home. It is no wonder, because a commercial blender is built to last and to blend almost anything you throw at it. In this article, we look at a few of the best commercial blenders that is worth the money.

Best Commercial Blender for the Money

When talking about commercial blenders, Blendtec Q-Series cut above the rest. One we like the most in this series is the Blendtec® Q-Series Reduction Blender. It is arguably one of the quietest blenders in the market today, which comes at a surprise since it operates at 1800 watts. In fact, compared to countertop blenders, it is 10 decibels quieter. This can be attributed to Blendtec’s exclusive sound reduction technology. Moreover, with a 3.8 horsepower max, it is enough for it to keep up with almost all powerful blenders that are in the higher price range.

Operating the blender is also a breeze. You only have to use its 6 programmable buttons and view different settings on its LCD display. It has 30 pre-programmed settings for effortless blend cycles. Blendtec has also made cleaning the blender easy by redesigning the hood and the hinge. You simply lift and remove the hood, and you are ready to clean. Additionally, the unit features a wide-mouthed jar, which means it is 5-sided. This design allows the blender for complete mixing in motion. It can totally crush traditional home ice cubes, the hardest to blend. You cannot go wrong with this blender if you want to have a powerful one sitting on your kitchen countertop.

Top-Rated Commercial Blender

Vitamix is yet another popular name in the blender machine industry, and its Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series is a real winner. This model is, in fact, co-designed with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) for the purpose of using it in the kitchen to train chefs. So quality-wise, this is one of the few best bets for your money.

This blender features stainless steel laser-cut blades, which is very powerful to cut anything including big blocks of ice. With 2 Horsepower motor and 1380 watts, it may not be as powerful as the Blendtec but powerful enough for home use. Customers rave about how good it is at getting the consistency you’d want for your smoothies. You can also make peanut butter, hot soups, and frozen desserts with it. Its 64-ounce container is also perfect for family gatherings.

In the box are two recipe books. One is the Create Recipes that contains over 300 restaurant-quality recipes, which some of  them are contributed by professional chefs. The other one is the Recipes from the CIA Master Chefs, a collection developed in the 41 teaching kitchens and bakeshops at the CIA. It also has The Getting Started DVD that will walk you through the techniques and recipes you can do with the blender. There’s also the tamper, which is basically a thick rod that will help you process thick mixtures — an extra tool you wouldn’t find in any other blender. This is a great bargain you don’t always get from any blending machines.

Best 3-Speed Professional Blender

The Waring CB15 Commercial Blender is specifically designed for commercial kitchens, but its sleek design and powerful blending capacity has found its way to many home kitchens. The container itself is not your typical glass or plastic jar. It is made from stainless steel, which assures you of having it for years and years to come. It also has a huge 1 gallon capacity. Thanks to the handles on both sides of the jug, you can easily carry it wherever. It features the same 1800 watts power as the Blendtec. And because of its metal-on-metal coupling system, it is deemed a very good investment especially when you are planning to launch a smoothie bar someday. Even if not, this is still a great blender for money as it can pretty much blend anything you want.

Best Commercial Blender Under $500

Yet another great commercial blender for your home is the Hamilton Beach HBH650 Commercial Tempest Blender. Although the primary application if this blender is beverage production in cocktail bars, you can definitely have it work on other blending jobs, such as making smoothies. It features a 64oz durable polycarbonate container and an all-metal clutch and drive. It has three settings: low, jump, and high. With the jump cycle setting, the unit will start off slowly and jump to high to finish off the process for a nice, smooth blend. Additionally, it has a temperature gauge to let you know if the motor has overheated, avoiding burn out and damage. It has a jar pad sensor as well. When the container is taken off or if it is not placed properly, this sensor will inactivate all operations. At its current price, you can get all the benefits of a commercial blender right at your kitchen top.

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