Best Moka Coffee Makers

vonshef italian esperroUnlike French Press that extracts coffee through filters, the Moka Pot way of brewing is through pushing hot water upward, let it pass through the coffee grounds, and eventually rising the extracted coffee up out of the tube. Moreover, this is the kind of brewing most recommended if you’re more of an espresso kind of coffee lover.

Moka Pot coffeemakers are very versatile machines. As long as you have a source of heat – from a stove or firewood – you can brew a tasteful cup of coffee. Being out of doors is no longer an excuse to not have a cup!

Here are our best picks for Moka Pot coffeemakers.

Best 6 Cup coffee Maker

Why you would buy a Bialetti 06905 moka pot coffeemaker calls for the same reason as to why coffee enthusiasts have trusted the brand name for decades: quality. It simply makes the best, smoothest, best-tasting espresso that you would otherwise only taste at high-end coffee shops. Truth be told, Bialetti is the icon of moka pot machines that brew authentic Italian coffee. Coincidentally, Bialetti is an Italian brand, so you cannot get more Italian-authentic than that!

Best Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

At $20, you can get doubtful whether you’re getting a quality coffeemaker. The VonShef Italian Espresso Coffeemaker assures quality product is possible at this price range. If you have no problem with aluminum material, then this is one that’s on top of the line. You can get it with you in the car as you go to work. Note, though, that it is good for up to two persons only even if it is advertised as having a 6-cup capacity.

Best Italian-Design Moka Pot Coffeemaker

Since moka pot brewing is Italian-inspired, you may want to go Italian all the way with your coffeemaker’s design. The perfect fit for that is the Pedrini Italy Colors Collection Moka Pot Coffeemaker. It is available in three bold pastel colors: pink, green, and blue.

It’s not only the external appearance that is good about this coffeemaker. It also brews coffee with increased extraction, resulting to a more flavorful cup. Just like the VonShef, the Pedrini coffeemaker is perfect for traveling to work or for a double shot of espresso for one person. The unit is tiny, so be sure you have the right size of stove burner for it.

Top Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker

Between stainless steel and aluminum, we highly recommend the former for health purposes. And when it comes to stainless steel moka pot espresso maker, the Cuisinox Roma Stovetop Espresso Maker is one the top-of-the-line machines.

The stainless steel used for this unit is of premium quality, which is evident by its thickness and heaviness. It’s because of this that durability and longevity wouldn’t be an issue once you bought one for yourself. Its silicone gasket seals perfectly, preventing leakage when pouring.

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