Best Vacuum Sealers for Seafood

61sqXRkLkHL._SL1103_Why is it more recommended to put seafood in a vac bag rather than in a Ziploc. It Is quite simple. Since you’re going to use vacuum sealers to work with those vac bags, [the sealer] removes more air from the bag, thus making the seafood fresh for a longer period of time. Moreover, these vac bags are tougher than Ziplocs, and you won’t have to worry about them accidentally popping open.

However, a vacuum sealer is only good for as long as it works consistently. And not all vacuum sealers work with seafood. Some are designed to vacuum seal both wet and dry food, and that’s what we’re looking for. With this said, here are some of the vacuum sealers that customers rave about.

Top-Rated Vacuum Sealer for Seafood

The Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 vacuum sealer may look too simple, but its ability to seal seafood and other food you’d want to keep fresh for weeks and even months is very impressive. A number of cruisers say they take it on the boats with them to help them keep food edible for as long as they are at sea. Some customers are also impressed at how durable this vacuum sealer is despite its very affordable price.

This unit comes with a drip tray that catches any excess liquid that dribbles off the vac bag filled with food. It is designed with a press/hold release system that allows users for easy operation.

Best Automatic Vacuum Sealer for Seafood

The Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer is fully automatic, which means you only need to touch a single button and the machine do the rest of the job. It uses 110 watts of power to seal food-filled bag. It has a seal-only switch that can prevent the crushing of delicate food like fish fillets. For wet items,the vacuum sealer will provide extra time for sealing to give a more airtight finish.

Another helpful feature of this vacuum sealer is the roll storage compartment and bag cutter that can save you time in prepping bags. Moreover, you can use competitor’s bags for this vacuum sealer, a feature you don’t always get from other brands, especially those that are on the famous spectrum.

Best Food Vacuum Sealer for the Money

The FoodSaver V3860 2-Speed Vacuum Sealer might just be one of the best that FoodSave Company has offered in the market. It is designed in an attractive, slim, vertical fashion that can perfectly fit in whatever size of kitchen countertop. Equipped with the brand’s own SmartSeal technology, food are kept fresher for much longer period of time. Moreover, this unit can automatically detect whether you’re sealing dry, moist or wet food and change the seal level accordingly. It also has built-in roll storage and cutter, which makes it easy to create customized bags. Having a canister mode setting also enables this vacuum sealer to work with mason jars.

Best Professional Vacuum Sealer for Seafood

The VacMaster Pro 260 Vacuum Sealer is built with customization options, giving the use full control of the sealing process. It has a built-in bag cutter, eliminating your need for any cutting utensils when sizing the bags. The built-in bag roll storage and dispenser comes in handy as well. Additionally, it has an accessory hose that can be used with other accessories, such as sealers for mason jars. With that comes an accessory mode button that lets you work with vacuum canisters and containers.

More so, this vacuum sealer has been tested to last. Because of the tough components incorporated into it, you can expect it to last for more than 5 years.

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