Top Rated Single Cup Coffee Makers 2015

bunn mcu single cupMaybe you’re living alone in an apartment in the city and don’t receive guests often. Maybe you’d want a shot of caffeine before you go to work without having to leave a lot of mess in the kitchen. Whatever your situation is, as long as you’d want to get that cup of coffee before you do anything, there must be a single-cup coffee brewer sitting on your counter.

Check out the Top Rated Single Cup Coffee Makers on Amazon

Which one is the best, though? Here are our best choices.

Best Bunn Coffee Maker For Home Use

If you want a great cup of coffee in just under a minute, the Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer is at the cutting-edge. It does give you a steaming hot beverage in that so little time. Another feature that’s very impressive about this model is its four interchangeable trays, each with different purposes. Using one will depend upon what type of drink you would want to have a shot at – coffee, tea, cider, hot cocoa, or any other things that call for hot water. It also boast a plus brew option if you’d want your coffee to taste stronger.

Best Selling Single Serve Coffee Maker

If the Bunn coffeemaker isn’t within your budget, another great option is the Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Coffeemaker. This machine is built with a steel mesh scoop for filtering ground coffee and a built-in, adjustable stand that flips according to the size of cup or mug you are using. Additionally, it has options for “regular” and “bold” brew. With the “bold” setting, you can make even a decaffeinated coffee strong and flavorful. Since it can accommodate a travel cup, you can easily make one in the morning that you can bring at work.

Best 1 Cup Drip Coffeemaker

As if the affordable price isn’t enough to convince some people to buy, the Kitchen Selectives CM-688 One-Cup Drip Coffeemaker also comes with a 12-ounce mug. But that is not the only great thing you get from this machine. It brews coffee in a few minutes to the right temperature. There’s a reusable metal mesh basket filter that is generously sized to make room for extra grounds. However, the open-top filter is not replaceable with k-cups or any similar disposable coffee pods. If you can deal not having k-cups, then this is the perfect purchase.

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Under $100

While Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Coffee Brewer has only a few features, it offers plenty of other benefits. Most important of them is its solid performance in brewing great-tasting coffee. You will never have a cup burnt-taste coffee with this machine. Moreover, because it is powered by Keurig Brewed technology, it can brew in less than a minute without producing lack-luster drink. You can also use Keurig My K-Cup packs and choose from over 250 gourmet coffee, tea, hot cocoa and other premium brands with this machine.

The best part is to get all these benefits for less than a hundred dollars.

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